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Dyson was founded by UK inventor - James Dyson. Based in Wiltshire, UK, Dyson originally manufactured and sold vacuum cleaners which used a unique - revolutionary cyclone technology which had been invented by James Dyson.

Today, Dyson manufacturers and supplies a wide range of products, all of which are are currently based on the manipulation of air (such as Dyson fans which are Known as Dyson air multipliers, Dyson Heaters, Dyson Hand dryers and of course; Dyson Vacuum Cleaners).

In line with their policy of continuous development and commitment to innovation, Dyson have also developed revolutionary digital motors for use in Dyson products. All Dyson products are covered by the appropriate trademarks and copyrights

However; since Dyson products are recognised worldwide as a premium - high quality and therefore desirable brand, many replica Dyson (fake Dyson) products and fake Dyson spare parts (counterfeit Dyson spare parts) are available.

About Fake Dyson Spare Parts

Dyson UK Repairs

Genuine Dyson Engineers Drive Dyson Vans
Genuine Dyson Engineers Wear Dyson Uniforms
Genuine Dyson Engineers Carry Dyson ID Cards

Fake Dyson spare parts are being supplied to, and are being used by some UK appliance repair engineers - technicians. Fake Dyson spare parts are also being sold by online vendors.

Additionally; telephone calls are being received from people claiming to be Dyson engineers and offering to service Dyson products. As mentioned above; Dyson engineers drive Dyson vans, they wear Dyson uniforms and carry Dyson ID Cards.

Fake Dyson engineers will usually fit fake Dyson spare parts (counterfeit Dyson parts) which are always of inferior quality to a genuine Dyson part and which invalidate the warranty and quite possibly cause damage to the Dyson appliance. Eg; as previously mentioned; Dyson products tend to use Dyson digital motors. Fake Dyson engineers will almost always fit counterfeit Dyson parts. If the motor is replaced by a fake Dyson engineer, this will almost certainly be with a fake Dyson electric motor rather than a genuine Dyson digital motor.

About Fake Dyson Fans

Replica Dyson Fans - Fake Dyson Fans

UK Anti Piracy can confirm that Counterfeit Dyson Air Multipliers (Fake Dyson Fans) are being sold in the UK.

Genuine Dyson Air Multiplier Fans, Genuine Dyson Heaters and Genuine Dyson Hand Driers all use genuine Dyson digital motors.

Fake Dysons use cheap tat (fake Dyson electric motors), the build quality is much lower than with genuine Dyson products, whilst the materials used are also usually sub standard. In many cases, fake Dyson fans can be described as dangerous and potentially life threatening.

Eg; genuine Dyson heaters feature a system which monitors the fans orientation. If the fan is "knocked over", a cut-out switch is triggered which cuts power to the fan. Fakes will not usually have this feature and internal components and circuitry is also of a much lower quality than on a genuine Dyson Fan and may not even meet minimum UK safety standards.

ie; with fake Dysons, even the safety assurances will usually be counterfeit.

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