About Counterfeit Hitachi Appliances and Fake Hitachi Appliance Spares

About Fake and Counterfeit Hitachi Appliances

Fighting Counterfeit Hitachi Appliances and Fake Hitachi Appliances

UK Anti Piracy can confirm that Counterfeit Hitachi Appliances (such as counterfeit Hitachi HI-Fi systems, Fake Hitachi Speakers  etc) and Fake Hitachi Appliance Parts (eg; Fake Hitachi Components) are being sold in the UK and by online vendors.

Counterfeit Hitachi Battery Charger

Fake Hitachi Battery Chargers

Counterfeit Hitachi Battery Chargers - counterfeit Hitachi Battery Chargers are now being supplied. As with Fake Hitachi Magic Wands, these should not be left unattended when connected to mains electricity (charging). This is due to the very real danger of fake Hitachi battery chargers over heating, shorting out, melting or bursting into flames.

Fake Hitachi Battery Chargers can kill.

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