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Everyday millions of people ride bikes to work, school, college or just for leisure purposes. Counterfeit bicycles are being sold in "dodgy" bike shops, "dodgy" websites and via online auction websites. Counterfeit bicycles are increasing in numbers as more and more people go online looking to "catch a good deal".

Counterfeit bikes are mainly manufactured and sold by Chinese companies that claim to be based in the UK and the United States. Counterfeit Fake Bicycle manufacturers often claim to be selling Genuine Bikes at discounted prices, but are actually supplying sub standard, low quality, poorly made fakes. These counterfeit bicycles are often prone to the frame cracking, wheels cracking, handlebar cracking  and failing under pressure. From the frames to the wheels and even to the small things such as the bearings; counterfeit bicycles and fake bike parts are a false economy and can cause serious injuries.  

The counterfeit industry costs jobs and lives every day. Counterfeit bicycles are made by criminals. Counterfeit bicycles are supplied by criminals.

UK Anti Piracy advises against supplying criminals with contact details, bank account details, credit card details etc.   


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Fake Rocker Bicycles and Counterfeit Rocker Spare Parts

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Fake Specialized Bicycles and Counterfeit Bike Spare Parts

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Fake Venom Bicycles and Counterfeit Venom Bike Parts

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Fake WETHEPEOPLE Bicycles and Counterfeit Spare Parts

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