Fake Shell Engine Oil, Counterfeit Shell Brake Fluid

About Fake Shell Engine Oil

Fake Shell Oils and Counterfeit Shell Fluids

Fake Shell Helix Engine Oil

Fake Shell Helix Engine Oil
(Uses Genuine Shell Helix Oil Containers)

Genuine Shell Engine Oil and Shell Brake Fluid - Shell Clutch Fluid is excellent quality but it is not cheap. As a result, Counterfeiters are now trading on the excellent Shell brand name. Counterfeiters are producing and supplying Fake Shell Engine Oil (usually Fake Premium Grade - Shell Helix Engine Oil).

Counterfeiters are known to fill Premium Grade Shell Engine Oil Containers with Fake Shell Engine Oil. This Fake Shell Engine Oil is usually simply "cheap and nasty" Standard Grade Oil. Counterfeiters are also known to filter used oil (cleaned and mixed with chemicals) to fill Standard Grade Shell Engine Oil Containers.

About Fake Shell Engine Oil: If you suspect that you may have purchased Counterfeit Shell Engine Oil, we recommend that you smell the oil. Engine oil which smells of burning has been used and will be fake. We also advise checking the inside of the container for dirt etc. If there are deposits of soot in the Shell Engine Oil container, this is also a clear sign that the engine oil is almost certainly fake.
Only ever buy Shell Engine Oil from a recommended supplier - do not risk expensive damage to your engine by using cheap - Counterfeit Shell Engine Oil.

About Fake Shell Premium Grade Engine Oil (eg; Fake Shell Helix Engine Oil): It is extremely difficult to identify fake Shell Premium Grade Engine Oil without laboratory facilities. Do not risk damaging or ruining your engine. Only ever buy Shell Premium Grade Engine Oil from a recommended supplier

Please Note

Despite the existence of counterfeit Shell oil, fake Shell oil and fake Shell Brake Fluid - fake Shell Clutch Fluid is extremely rare in the UK. This is largely due to efforts made by and on behalf of Shell UK.

However; in line with the Shell commitment to the supply of high quality oils and the very best in customer service, Shell and UK Anti Piracy remain vigilant and will act against any and all acts of counterfeiting in the interests of Shell customers.

Please Note;
Comments made on these pages do not necessarily reflect the thoughts or opinions of UK Anti Piracy, its clients or partners.

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Counterfeit Shell Engine Oi and Fake Shell Brake Fluid

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