How to Report Counterfeit Car Fluids, Liquids and Oils

Report Counterfeit Car Liquids and Engine Oils

How to Report Counterfeit Castrol Oil
How to Report Counterfeit Esso Oil
How to Report Counterfeit - Fake Fram Filters
How to Report Counterfeit Shell Oil

Reporting Counterfeit Car Oils and Filters

When you are sold counterfeit car engine oil, counterfeit brake fluid, fake clutch fluid, the seller is defrauding you - you are a victim, the legitimate manufacturer is a victim, and legitimate resellers are victims and the manufacturers and sellers have no regard to damage which will probably be done to your car and no regard for your safety, that of your family or other road users.

This is why we work with end users, manufacturers and resellers of genuine filters, engine oils, other car liquids etc to fight counterfeits and fakes.

Please tell us if you have been sold or know of counterfeit car oils, liquids or filters.

Report Counterfeit Car Engine Oil and Fake Brake Fuid etc

Report Counterfeit Engine Oils etc

Report Counterfeit Engine Oi and Fake Brake - Clutch Fluid

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