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The sales of Counterfeit Audi Parts and Audi copyright material on internet auction sites is widespread.

Copies of Audi software such as Audi Workshop manuals, Audi Satellite Navigation system maps and updates, Audi Engine diagnostics and Audi re-mapping software etc is currently available. Much of this material also uses Audi copyright images (such as the "Audi Logo") and any sales from an un-authorised party can obviously directly affect the Audi supply and maintenance chain (including Audi Dealerships), whilst possibly financing criminal or terrorist activity.

Additionally; some copied disks labeled as "Audi" contains viruses, malware and - or computer hijacking software, whilst the failure of some bootleg mechanical components (such as brake components) can be potentially life threatening.

Many Counterfeit Audi Car Parts are manufactured in the Far East (Particularly India, Taiwan and China). China is the main source of many Fake Audi Car Parts such as Fake Audi Alloy Wheels, Fake Audi Body Kits, Fake Audi Spoilers etc.

In most cases these goods are sub-standard. Eg; Fake Audi Car Parts may not fit correctly, the foam within Fake Audi Spoilers and Fake Audi Body Kits can expand in hot weather - thus causing blistering and cracking - ruining the look of the car. Fake Audi Steering wheels, Fake Audi Brake disks etc tend to be made from sub standard metals which have been shown to fracture under pressure (fake Audi brake disks have been known to split into two halves).

Surely; knowingly fitting Counterfeit Audi Spares to a genuine Audi car borders on stupidity. But knowingly supplying fakes is a crime.

However; using Counterfeit Audi Car Parts can be both a false economy and fatal. Components such as Fake Audi Alloy Wheels can be prone to cracking and vital components such as Counterfeit Audi Car Brake Calipers, Counterfeit Audi Car Brake Pads, Fake Audi Shock absorbers, Fake Audi Brake Disks etc are often made from sub standard components which simply fail under pressure.

For some time now, UK Anti Piracy has monitored and taken action on behalf of Multiple interested parties. We continue to develop and expand this relationship and we can work with Audi, UK Trading Standards and online services to significantly reduce - hopefully eradicate the supply of Counterfeit Audi products, Fake Audi Parts and pirated Audi software on auction sites and the internet in general.

Fake Audi Brake Pads

Counterfeit Audi Brake Pads

Volkswagen (the parent company of Audi) remain one the most vigilant car manufacturers. In 2010, Working with Northern Ireland Trading Standards; they identified and reported Fake VW, Audi, Seat and Skoda Brake Pads being shipped into the UK. The Counterfeit Brake Pads were seized, tested (found to be dangerous) and destroyed.

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Over the past few years, over 250000 fake airbags have been sold in the USA. Fake airbags are life threatening, yet fake Audi airbags are now being supplied in the UK.

Audi airbags should only ever be purchased from an authorised Audi dealer or agent. Under no circumstances should Audi airbags be bought online (except from an authorised supplier) and under no circumstances should a used, "reconditioned" or 2nd user airbag be fitted.

      Fake Audi airbags kill !; About fake airbags in the USA

Please note; Genuine Audi Airbags are of extremely high quality and are exceptionally reliable.