Fake BMW Parts, Counterfeit BMW parts sellers Blacklist

Fake BMW Parts, Badges, Manuals Sellers Blacklist

Blacklist - Fake BMW Parts Sellers

UK Anti Piracy is pleased to be removing fake BMW products from sale and warning the UK public about - naming and shaming fake BMW parts suppliers, fake BMW workshop manuals suppliers, fake BMW badges suppliers who have defrauded or who seek to defraud BMW and the UK public by selling fake BMW car parts.

Blacklist of fake BMW Parts and BMW manuals suppliers
Working with eBay

Please note; we work with eBay (and others), we remove sellers of fake BMW car parts, For this reason, most sellers listed in this BMW blacklist (below) will no longer be trading, or will no longer be selling fake BMW car parts (we revisit and monitor known offenders).

Please also note that this list is not complete and represents only a very small percentage of sellers of fake BMW parts that we have acted against and - or whome we cannot recommend purchasing from on the grounds that they have previously or currently sell fake BMW parts.

eBay vendors who have sold BMW fakes
eBay Sellers
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Online vendors who have sold BMW fakes
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Facebook vendors who have sold BMW fakes
Facebook Examples
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Fake BMW manuals and fake BMW parts sellers Blaclist

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