About Fake Ferodo Brake Pads and UK Anti Piracy

About Fake Ferodo Car Brakes

Fighting Fake Ferodo Car Parts

The sales of Counterfeit Ferodo Car Brake Pads and Ferodo copyright material on internet auction sites is a disgrace.

Fake items include counterfeit Ferodo Car Brake Pads - Fake Ferodo Car Brake Pads, Fake Ferodo Brake Shoes, Fake Ferodo Disk Brakes etc.

However; using Counterfeit Ferodo Parts is almost certainly a false economy and is potential lethal.

Ferodo Car Brake Parts etc are world renowned, top quality parts. However; Ferodo and Ferodo customers are being attacked by "scum" who manufacture and sell counterfeit Ferodo Brake Parts (such as Faked Ferodo Brake Pads and Disks). Fake Ferodo Disks Brake, Fake Ferodo Brake Pads etc are not made to the same exacting - high standards as original - Genuine Ferodo Brake Disks and Pads and they are liable to suddenly fail. Obviously, this can have lethal consequences

For some time now, UK Anti Piracy has monitored and taken action on behalf of Multiple interested parties. We continue to develop and expand this relationship and we can work with Ferodo, UK Trading Standards and online services to significantly reduce - hopefully eradicate the supply of Counterfeit Ferodo Brake Pads etc.

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