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Genuine fans want genuine celebrity autographs and genuine celebrity memorabilia. Yet we all know that (at the time of writing) internet sites such as eBay are "infected" with counterfeit celebrity autographs and fake photographs - fake celebrity memorabilia.



Therefore; the fans are being conned - defrauded and the celebrity is being defrauded.



From Jan 14th 2015 to Jan 21st 2015, we helped eBay to remove approximately 12000 fake autographs - fake memorabilia.


We are accepted by eBay and many others as being experts in anti piracy, we have dedicated contacts within organisations (including the very top of eBay Worldwide Intellectual Property dept) and we have negotiated dedicated reporting facilities.


UK Anti Piracy works with organisations such as Google and eBay. We search for and take down fakes from multiple sources on multiple sites with or without interaction with the rights holder (we obviously need permission to do so).


We effectively police websites on behalf of multiple clients (including celebrities) and take action on their behalf against counterfeit celebrity autographs and fake celebrity memorabilia.


Please Note; we use Paypal for celebrity signings because PayPal is owned by eBay
Therefore; payments via PayPal proves to eBay that we can act for the celebrity

About Pre Prints - UK Celebrity Rights Support


Quote from the above eBay listing;

March 16th 2015


(eBay listing 221286239706) 


All autographs featured in our designs are pre-printed and designed to look just like the real thing.

In all cases the replica has been sourced from an original example.


UK Anti Piracy has have spoken with Clarence House - they have no issue with our using the above to highlight this problem and with our using the above image of Prince Charles on this page (they "wished us well").


We have an excellent working relationship with many companies which are used by counterfeiters to sell fake celebrity autographs and other celebrity memorabilia.


An example of this relationship is the largest counterfeit autograph marketplace; eBay. Our "special relationship" with eBay means that when we report counterfeit celebrity autographs, they are usually removed within hours (sometimes within minutes). However; eBay policy regarding pre prints leaves much to be desired and requires a different approach.


We recently received the following email from eBay;



    Recently we have received reports from you regarding copies of autographs being sold on eBay.


    In one of the reports you recently submitted, you stated:


    “Seller is supplying counterfeit signatures - counterfeit autographs which he admits are copied printed autographs (he states this on his pages). The seller is not the rights holder to the pictures - photos used or to the signatures - autographs. Please escalate this.”


    I wanted to let you know that this type of violation can only be reported by the VeRO member as only the rights owner will know for sure if the seller does not have permission to sell the preprinted autographs.


    The user is not trying to sell these autographs as real but they are clearly indicating that they are pre-prints.


    Additionally our policy allows user to sell pre –printed autographs if they are listed in “Pre – Print ” category.


    I hope this clarification helps in saving you time. If you have any questions, please feel free to reply to this message.


    Thank you again for your continued efforts to keep the eBay Community safe!


As can be seen from the above; eBay expects each celebrity to join the eBay Vero program. The celebrity would then need to monitor - regularly search eBay (and other websites) for counterfeit celebrity autographs and other fake celebrity memorabilia. They would then need to put forward a case for the items removal, monitor the item seller and take action again if - when it is relisted.

When a celebrity signs with us, we take over this process.

We search for celebrity fakes, we report to eBay, we monitor and perform each of the above steps.

However; we cannot do this without celebrity support.

UK Anti Piracy does not charge fees for services other than whitelist listings.
We work with celebrities and agents who appreciate that we have overheads.
Without donations; we cannot continue to "fight your corner".

UK Celebrity Image Protection

We will help whether you donate or not.
(But we need permission to do so)



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