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About Chinese Fakes - Counterfeits

China is universally recognised as being home to the most prolific counterfeiters on Earth and Chinese goods can now be found in virtually every household and every business in the UK. Many Chinese fakes and Chinese counterfeits are made in Guangzhou, China.

For the most part; Goods made in legitimate Chinese factories are not sub standard. Indeed, many iconic brands which are internationally renowned for their quality are made in China.

However, the perception of Chinese goods in general is that they are not well made and that they are constructed from sub standard materials. This is mainly due to people associating China with "cheap and nasty" fakes, and then assuming that most Chinese goods are of similarly low standard.

Assumptions can be dangerous and wrong. A good example of this is MG cars.

Mg Cars are designed in Britain and built in China

MG6 - Designed in the UK, Built in China

In May 2000, MG was owned by BMW who broke up the Rover Group. MG badges appeared on sportier Rover based cars and the newly launched MG TF (launched in 2002). The company was the subject of a management buyout, but MG Rover went into administration in April 2005. MG Rover was bought by the Chinese Car makers Nanjing Automobile in July 2005. Nanjing merged with SAIC (Shangai Automotive Industry Corporation) in December 2007. MG cars are now designed and proven at Longbridge, UK and built in China.

However; the sale of MG cars in the UK has been less than "explosive". UK Anti Piracy know this because many of our staff are MG enthusiasts (our owners last 4 cars have all been MGs). There is no doubt that a major problem for MG is that many people assume Chinese products to be sub standard because of their experience with fakes.

in May 2014, MG was voted 3rd best car manufacturer in the Power Driver satisfaction survey. Steve Fowler - Editor-in-Chief of Auto Express, said: “While some brands have exceeded expectations and scored highly for particular categories, MG has scored well across the board. It took second place in the handling section and third place for both ride quality and seat comfort. It’s great to see British brands doing well.”

Foxconn China produces 40% of worlds electronics

Foxconn Factory - Shenzhen, China

Foxconn is a Taiwanese company with headquartered in Tucheng, New Taipei, Taiwan and is the world's biggest contract electronics manufacturer.

Foxconn outsources production to china and manufactures products for Apple, Sony and many more companies in Zhengzhou, Henan province (Central China). Foxconn also has factories in Asia, Europe, Mexico and South America and assembles around 40 percent of all consumer electronics products sold worldwide.

Given the sheer volume of counterfeit electronic products available worldwide, the amount of business being lost by Foxconn is obvious (eg; it is estmated that up to 80% of all iPhones are fake - Foxconn makes the Apple iPhone).

Counterfeits, replicas and fakes affect all legitimate business.

Aston Martin Recall Due to Fake Chinese Parts

Aston Martin Recall Due to Fake Chinese Car Parts

Aston Martin recently recalled more than 17,000 cars because of a potentially defective part in most of its sports cars built since late 2007..

A Chinese sub-supplier was allegedly using counterfeit plastic material in part of the accelerator pedal. The sub standard material could have caused the accelerator pedal arm to break. Aston Martin said that there had been no reports of any accidents, but it would now bring manufacture of the pedal arm back to the UK.A Chinese sub-supplier was allegedly using counterfeit plastic material in part of the accelerator pedal. The sub standard material could have caused the accelerator pedal arm to break. Aston Martin said that there had been no reports of any accidents, but it would now bring manufacture of the pedal arm back to the UK.

The recall affected approximately 75% of cars built between November 2007 and May 2012. This totals 17,590 cars (1,553 in the UK ) including all left hand drive cars built since November 2007 and all right hand drive cars built since May 2012.

The recall did not apply to the new Aston Martin Vanquish coupe and Aston Martin Volante models but cost the company millions of pounds.

Closed shop in Beijing, China.

Closed High Street Store in Beijing, China

The sale of fakes (particularly online) is also having a serious adverse effect on legitimate UK shops and Chinese shops. In Beijing, both the Ito Yokado and Parkson department stores have now as a consequence of online shopping and the availability of fakes.

Lai Yang (secretary general of Beijing Commercial Economy Association) stated that Chinese department stores need to transform their operations, because they have lost their edge following major changes in consumption habit (ie; many people now buy online and much of what is available online is counterfeit).

Regarding Chinese fakes, counterfeits and replicas; as mentioned elsewhere, Chinese fakes are often produced by criminal gangs and criminal organisations such as Chinese Triads.

The criminals who make and sell fakes often abuse their workers (including children as young as 8 years old), they pay no tax and they re-invest their earnings in other criminal activities and have been known to finance terrorism.

Additionally; counterfeiting stifles innovation by discouraging invention and development, whilst the online supply of counterfeit goods is having a serious detrimental effect on legitimate retailers.

UK Anti Piracy is working with the Chinese Government and legitimate Chinese companies.

Chinese Fakes - Alibaba, Taobao, DHgate piracy

Please note; such is the problem with fakes from China that there has been much debate about whether or not the Chinese government supports piracy. In our experience the Chinese government is trying to fight piracy in China (which is punishable by prison sentences and fines). However, the Chinese people seem to view piracy as being almost a natural consequence of Western "greed" and it is therefore acceptable. also; if Chinese piracy were cease immediately, this would have catastrophic consequences for the Chinese economy.

Indeed, many Chinese towns are now reliant upon counterfeits and there would obviously be major consequences for the government if those counterfeiting operations were to close.

To the Chinese government we say "Chinese companies and Chinese nationals are flouting Chinese law in much the same way that American law was flouted under prohibition. America repeatedly failed to act against those who profited from crime and it is still paying for its inaction. China need not follow the American lead"

To Alibaba Group we say; "Thank you for again for acting on UK Anti Piracy reports of counterfeit goods".


It should be noted that (time wise) Beijing and Hong Kong are 8 hours ahead of the UK. So 9am UK time = 5pm Beijing time or Hong Kong time.

The Chinese working week is usually Monday to Friday 08:00 and 18:00 with a lunch break from 12:00 to 14:00. However, this obviously varies.

Chinese Government offices usually work from 09:00 to 17:00 with a one hour break. Chinese Government offices are usually closed at weekends.

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