Fake Apple Computers, Counterfeits and UK Anti Piracy

About Fake Apple Computer Parts

About Apple Computers and Piracy

Piracy of Apple parts and copyright material on internet auction sites is rife.

These items include many Fake Apple products - counterfeit Apple products etc.

Additionally; some individuals and companies sell Apple OEM versions of Apple software. OEM software can only be legally sold with a new computer, the license cannot be transferred to another computer and the practice (on eBay) of trying to justify its sale by supplying a screw or another piece of hardware is nonsensical (the sale of Apple OEM software is illegal, as is installing Apple OEM software on a prebuilt computer and this renders the license invalid).

UK Anti Piracy can work with Apple to significantly reduce - hopefully eradicate the supply of Fake Apple parts and Counterfeit Apple Software.

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