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About Counterfeit Dell Computer Parts

Fighting Fake Dell Computer Parts

Piracy of Dell parts and copyright material on internet auction sites is rife.

These items include many Dell products, copies of Dell products, Fake Dell Parts, re-engineered Dell products etc.

Copies of Dell software are widely available. Some copied Dell software can contain viruses, malware and - or computer hijacking software.

Additionally; some individuals and companies sell Dell OEM versions of Windows and other Dell software. OEM software can only be legally sold with a new computer, the license cannot be transferred to another computer and the practice of trying to justify its sale by supplying a screw or another piece of hardware is nonsensical (the sale of Dell OEM software is illegal, as is installing Dell OEM software on a prebuilt computer and this renders the license invalid). Yet Dell OEM Windows disks can be bought online, as a result of which; Dell Windows software is currently installed onto many home build and 2nd user computers.

An additional issue is that Dell Windows XP and Dell Windows Vista installation disks do not require the entry of a Product Key (license) during installation.

Fake Dell Adamo Laptop Computer

Beware Fake Dell Computers

Also; there is currently a serious issue with Counterfeit Dell AC Adapters (and other "brands") - Fake Dell Laptop Power Supplies. These fake units are currently being sold online, particularly via well known online auction sites. Quite apart from being highly illegal, purchasing these units can be fatal. For there have been cases where Fake Dell AC Adapters (Fake Dell Laptop Power Supplies) have overheated, the plastic body has melted and they have burst into flames - caused serious damage.

Obviously; Dell has no connection with, or control over Fake Dell Power Supplies and these Counterfeit Dell Power Supplies look very like Genuine Dell Parts, but the build and component quality is sub-standard and they are potentially lethal.

As a rule of thumb; Never buy Fake Dell (or "other brand") batteries and AC Adapters, for use with Dell computers. If you are unsure whether it is fake - dont buy it. Only buy UK sourced Dell branded parts and NEVER buy Dell branded AC Adapters, Batteries or other Dell parts from China, India or other Eastern countries.

UK Anti Piracy can work with Dell, online auction sites and the authorities to significantly reduce - hopefully eradicate the supply of Dell OEM products, Fake Dell Computers, Counterfeit Dell parts and pirated Dell software.

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