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About Counterfeit Seagate Hard Drives

Seagate are one of the best known Hard Disk Drive (HDD) manufacturers. Seagate are reputed as manufacturers of fast, reliable, high quality hard disk drives.

Modern Seagate Hard Disk Drives tend to be 2.5 inch (as used in most laptop computers) or 3.5 inch (as used in most desktop and tower computers).

External hard disk drives tend to be 3.5 inch Hard Disk Drives which have been fitted into an external Hard Drive caddy and which connect to a PC or laptop computer via a USB lead.

Fake 2.5 inch internal Seagate Hard Disk Drives, Fake Seagate 3.5 inch internal Hard Disk Drives and Fake Seagate USB (external) Hard Disk Drives are currently available (at the time of writing) via online auction sites (such as eBay) and from various other websites.

Hard Disk Drives are measured and rated according to their capacities. 1024gb (gigabytes) = 1tb (terabyte).

Over time, Seagate Hard Disk Drives have become faster and the capacity has increased. Today; the capacity of Seagate Hard Disk Drives is usually measured in Terabytes and it is little surprise therefore, that Counterfeit (Fake) Seagate Hard Disk Drives are usually found labeled in sizes above 1tb (more than 1 terabyte).

However; a Seagate Hard Disk Drive is basically a box of rotating disks which have a finite capacity. Access to the rotating disks is controlled by a circuit board which is attached to the drive. This circuit board contains chips which have been programmed which data about the drive model, type, capacity etc.

A Fake Seagate Hard Disk Drive is typically an old unit which has been re-programmed to "think" that the capacity is larger than it really is. Eg; there have been cases where 160gb hard drives have been labeled and reprogrammed as 2tb hard drives (there are actually 2048gb in 2tb).

Additionally, as previously stated; a hard drive is basically a box of rotating disks. Over a period of time, the rotating causes failure (this is why reputable computer engineers will always  recommend the use of a new Seagate Hard Disk Drive rather than a second user unit). Since Counterfeit Seagate Hard Disk Drives are usually not new; their life expectancy will be far lower than a Genuine Seagate Hard Disk Drive.

Counterfeit Seagate Hard Disk Drives will also be slower than a Genuine Seagate Hard Disk Drive and since the capacity is incorrect; this will be lower than a Genuine Seagate Hard Disk Drive and it will also probably lose data.

Fake Seagate Hard Disk Drives are typically purchased online. Most Fake - Counterfeit Seagate hard Disk Drives can be found on online.

About Fake Seagate SSD Hard Drives

A normal Seagate Hard Disk Drive is basically a mechanical box of rotating disks. Data can be written to, stored on and read from the disks.

A Seagate SSD (Seagate Solid State Drive) is basically a box full of non volatile memory. Data can be written to a Seagate SSD, stored on a Seagate SSD and read from the a Seagate SSD. Since Seagate SSD Hard Drives are not mechanical; they are much faster than a standard Hard Disk Drive, they use much less power, they are silent in operation and they generate no heat. Additionally; because there are no moving parts they are very reliable.

However, if a standard hard drive fails, the data will usually still be stored on the physical disks. This data can often be retrieved - rescued by specialist companies such as Ontrack data retrieval.

Legitimate Seagate SSD Hard Disk Drives are very reliable, and if a legitimate Seagate SSD drive fails, the data may still be retrievable.

Fake Seagate SSD Hard Disk Drives contain inferior circuitry to a genuine Seagate SSD, the internal memory chips will usually be sub standard, they will often misreport their true capacity. Fake Seagate SSD Hard Disk Drives will be slower and much less reliable than a genuine Seagate SSD Hard Disk Drive.

Fake Seagate SSD Hard Disk Drives are usually inferior SSD drives which have been re-labeled as Seagate (to take advantage of Seagate`s reputation for high quality products). The fake Seagate SSD firmware may or may not be re-programmed to identify the drive as being a genuine Seagate SSD and the drives true capacity will often be much less than promised or reported.

Also; in many cases; when a fake Seagate Hard Disk Drive fails (and it definitely will at some point), data stored on the SSD will usually be lost.

Please note; Seagate Hard Disk Drives and Seagate SSD Hard Disk Drives should only be purchased from legitimate - authorised Seagate dealers.

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