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Report Fake Computer Parts


Report Fake Software and Report Fake Computer Parts

How to Report Fake Laptop Batteries and Chargers
How to Report Counterfeit SD Flash Cards and Fake Software
How to Report Fake USB Drives and Report Fake Hard Disk Drives and Memory

How to Report Counterfeit Computer Parts

When you are sold Counterfeit Computer Parts, the seller is defrauding you - you are a victim, the legitimate manufacturer is a victim, and legitimate resellers are victims.

This is why we work with end users, manufacturers and resellers of genuine computer parts to fight fakes.

Please tell us if you have been sold counterfeit computer parts (eg; report fake laptop chargers - report counterfeit AC adapters, report fake laptop batteries, report fake SD cards, report fake computer hard drives, report counterfeit computer software.

How to Report Counterfeit Computer Parts - Fake Software

Report Counterfeit Computer Parts or Software

Report Counterfeit Computer Software
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