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UK Anti Piracy is based in Telford, UK.

We fight fakes by working with Intellectual Property Lawyers and report to businesses, governments and various interested parties worldwide (such as eBay, Google, Facebook, Amazon and many others).

Due to the nature of our business, we cannot be overly open with regard to identifying staff or providing contact details.

However; you can be assured of the very best attention and service at all times.

Address; UK Anti Piracy, Orleton Lane, Telford. TF1 2AA.

New Telephone Numbers; Coming Soon
(we are currently expanding)

     Admin - UK Anti Piracy  Administration;

     Authentications - UK Anti Piracy  Authentications - Product Verifications;

     Investigations - UK Anti Piracy  Investigations;

     Report Fakes to UK Anti Piracy  Report Fakes;

     Report Spam mail to UK Anti Piracy  Reporting Spam Mail;

     Support at UK Anti Piracy  Support;

     Takedowns by UK Anti Piracy  Takedowns;

Joanne - UK Anti Piracy  Joanne;

     Kevin - UK Anti Piracy    Kevin;

     Matty - UK Anti Piracy    Matthew;

     Ryan - UK Anti Piracy  Ryan;

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