Fake Nars Cosmetics, Counterfeit Nars Make Up

About Fake Nars Cosmetics

Fighting Fake Nars Cosmeticss and Fake Nars Make Up

About Fake Nars Cosmetics

About Fake Nars Makeup

About Fake Nars - Counterfeit Nars Cosmetics

It should be understood that genuine Nars makeup and Nars Beauty products are of an extremely high standard.

Nars only produce high quality cosmetics.

Nars Cosmetics have spent many years building an excellent reputation for quality. Unfortunately, counterfeiters are now "cashing in" on the Nars good name by manufacturing and selling fake Nars cosmetics - fake nars make up - fake Nars beauty products.

Genuine Nars Cosmetics are manufactured to highest standards using only legitimate high quality, tested, regulated and approved ingredients.

Fake Nars cosmetics are manufactured without any safeguards and often contain dangerous (health threatening) quantities of illegal and - or hazardous chemicals (such as arsenic, mercury and lead) and - or unhealthy ingredients (eg; traces of urine, rat droppings have been found in certain cosmetics). Please also note that fake Nars makeup is also often produced overseas - in dirty conditions.

Nars cosmetics should only be purchased from authorised - approved sources and we ask that suspected fake Nars cosmetics be reported.  

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