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Report Fake Nars Cosmetics

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Reporting Fake Nars Cosmetics

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Report Fake Nars - Report Counterfeit Nars Cosmetics

When you are sold fake Nars makeup - fake Nars cosmetics such as fake Nars eye paint, fake Nars lipstick, fake Nars brushes etc, the seller is defrauding you - you are a victim, the legitimate manufacturer is a victim, and legitimate resellers are victims.

Additionally; fake Nars cosmetics are manufactured without safeguards and often contain illegal, hazardous chemicals (such as arsenic, mercury and lead) and - or unhealthy ingredients (eg; traces of urine, rat droppings have been found in certain cosmetics)

This is why we work with end users, manufacturers and resellers of genuine cosmetics - we fight fakes.

Nars produce only high quality cosmetics and will act to protect the interest of Nars customers and their own good name. UK Anti Piracy will work with Nars and seeks to protect Nars customers against fake Nars cosmetic products.

Please tell us if you have been sold fake Nars cosmetics - counterfeit Nars cosmetics etc.

Report Fake Nars Cosmetics, Report Counterfeit Nars

Report Fake Nars Cosmetics

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