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About Counterfeit Drink and Fake Alcohol

Fighting Counterfeit alcohol and Fake drink

The vast majority of drink sold in the UK is legitimate and produced to extremely high standards.

Fake - counterfeit alcoholic drinks are often produced using cheap and potentially dangerous types of alcohol which can have serious detrimental effects on health. Fake drinks are also often manufactured and bottled in unsafe - unhygienic conditions by people who have little or no regard for the law or for the safety - well being of their customers.

Counterfeit drinks have been found to contain chemicals which would usually be found in antifreeze, cleaning liquids, nail polish remover and car windscreen washing liquid, and even traces of human urine. The chemicals used to produce fake booze often produce effects similar to genuine alcohol, but they can be extremely dangerous.

Fake alcohol can cause vomiting, stomach pains, tiredness, nausea, dizziness, liver failure, kidney failure, blindness, comas or even death.

In the UK, fake alcohol is often sold at car boot sales, markets, discount stores and in restaurants.

To avoid the possibility of purchasing counterfeit drink; only purchase from a reputable source.


About Fake Drink and Counterfeit - Bootleg Alcohol

Hennessy Cognac;
About Fake Hennessy Cognac - Counterfeit Hennessy Cognac

Jack Daniels;
About Fake Jack Daniels - Counterfeit Jack Daniels

Jacobs Creek Wine;
About Fake Jacobs Creek Wine - Counterfeit Jacobs Creek

About Fake Jameson Irish Whisky - Counterfeit Jameson Whisky

Jim Bream;
About Fake Jim Bream - Counterfeit Jim Bream


Scotch Whisky;
About Fake Scotch Whisky - Counterfeit Scotch Whisky

Destroying Fake Alcohol

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