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Alibaba group is arguably the worlds leading e-commerce platform, but it is also arguably the worlds largest market for counterfeit goods.

In July 2015, Alibaba co-founder Jack Ma stated that Alibaba is the “world’s leading fighter on counterfeits,” Mr Ma stated (at an investor conference) that Alibaba uses technology capable of identifying sellers and buyers of counterfeits on its platforms. Mr Ma added “We can solve the fake problem better than any government, any organization, any person in the world.”

However, it is our experience that Alibaba group - repeatedly failed to act against fakes being sold on

UK Anti piracy has facilities in place with legitimate ecommerce platforms such as eBay, whereby we report counterfeit goods and they investigate - act (usually within one hour).

Regarding Alibaba Group, we have a reporting facility in place for removing counterfeits.

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