sells counterfeits, iOffer sells fakes

iOffer Counterfeits - Fakes on iOffer

It is with deep and sincere regret that following various investigations and based on our personal experiences having dealt with various iOffer piracy issues, UK Anti Piracy has concluded that facilitates the sale of counterfeits, profits from the sale of counterfeits and seeks to discourage action against counterfeits.

Given the above, UK Anti piracy also concludes that is a semi criminal organisation in that it facilitates criminal activity but also pays tax on the proceeds.

Victims of counterfeit goods purchased on are advised to report fakes to UK Anti Piracy and to contact their card suppliers - issue a chargeback claim against the order.

The card company can refer to our pages for confirmation of iOffers`s status and we will assist investigations.

Should the claim be successful, we would expect the card holder to receive a full refund without having to return the goods (never return fakes) and the seller would be billed for any costs incurred.

UK Anti Piracy will also report to the United States government and the UK government regarding our findings.

However; we continue to hope that will change its stance regarding the sale of counterfeits and we stand ready to work with them in the fight against fakes.

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