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About Counterfeit High Fashion

Our founders wife recently bought a "designer label" jacket for their son as a Christmas present from what appeared to be a legitimate online shop. When their son tried to wear the Designer Jacket on Christmas day; he discovered that the zip was broken. Believing the jacket to be genuine, they contacted the seller. The seller refused to help (despite the fact that he was legally obliged to do so).

Our founder contacted the legitimate manufacturer (Ed Hardy Clothing) in the USA and was told that the jacket was counterfeit (fake Ed Hardy Jacket). He therefore took legal action and successfully prosecuted the seller.

This experience is one of the reasons that we set up UK Anti Piracy. Put simply; there is a very real need for this service.

We now work with many major manufacturers, copyright license holders and government departments (such as Trading Standards) in the battle against counterfeit clothing, fashion piracy and fake designer clothing.

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