Blacklist of Illegal TV suppliers - Dodgy UK TV

Dodgy UK TV Sellers Blacklist

Blacklist of Dodgy UK TV suppliers

Blacklist - Fake UK TV Services Sellers

Blacklist - Illegal TV Services and Equipment

(Avoid these sellers - parasites)

UK Anti Piracy regularly removes fake TV services from sale.

By "fake TV", we mean illegal TV services. For it is illegal to watch subscription TV without having paid the subscription, but many people do not realise this. Therefore; people who are sold fake TV packages often do not realise that they are breaking the law.

 Sellers of dodgy TV services are parasites. BT, Amazon, Netflix, TalkTalk, Sky and Virgin Media pay significant sums of money for the rights to provide services and content. This is financed by subscription and pay per view services. The parasites (pirates) are stealing this content and reselling content with no revenue returning to the legitimate service providers.

Over time; this drain on legitimate TV providers will result in lost viewers (many of whome will move to "dodgy boxes") and lost revenue. therefore they will no longer be able to compete for content without raising prices for legitimate viewers. Sky raised their prices again in June 2016 and this was almost certainly partly due to having lost viewers to dodgy Sky TV boxes".

The fact is that piracy breeds piracy. If someone buys a dodgy TV box, their relatives, friends and neighbors may see it and decide to buy one. sales therefore increase over time and viewers who own a "dodgy box are very unlikely to then switch to a legitimate system.


Sky loses 500000 Sky viewers


Dodgy Sky TV Box at Salford City FC

Salford City FC owned a Dodgy Sky TV Box


Please note; Gary Neville is no way connected to UK Anti piracy and there is no question of Gary Neville having done anything wrong.

UK Anti Piracy warns the UK public about fakes, we maintain blacklists and we maintain UK TV whitelists of genuine suppliers.

Our TV seller blacklists and records are available for Brands, law enforcement, trading standards and tax authorities to view (the parasites are very unlikely to have paid tax on the sale of illegal services). This guarantees that interested parties know about the problem and they know about those sellers listed in our TV  sellers blacklists.

However; not all identified sellers are listed, and in many cases, the identification of parasites also allows users of "dodgy boxes" to be identified. Their systems could then be monitored and they could be prosecuted.

However; if someone purchases a "dodgy TV system" without realising that when using it they are breaking the law; they are a victim. If the seller is listed in our blacklists, the victim can contact their card supplier and request that they begin a chargeback claim to obtain a full refund. Victims can point their card supplier to the relevant UK Anti Piracy blacklist page to support their claim.

Obviously, if someone wishes to report parasites to trading standards, the police, VAT fraud investigation, Inland Revenue fraud investigation etc, they can also refer them to our pages.

This is a free to use public service intended to help and protect the UK public, legitimate manufacturers and honest sellers.

Blacklist of illegal TV services suppliers, Counterfeit sellers