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The UKs major subscription TV services (Virgin Media TV, BT TV, Sky TV and Netflix) are all under attack by criminal gangs.

Sky TV were made aware of this issue some years ago. The success of Sky TV in tackling the problem can be gauged by the sharp rise in people choosing to subscribe to criminal TV networks. indeed; in 2016 many of us will know numerous people with "dodgy Sky Boxes". it could be argued that Sky have almost lost the war against piracy.

The supply of illegal TV services has a direct knock-on effect for honest customers in that prices are higher than they need to be (honest customers are subsidising the illegal TV services).

From a personal perspective; I pay for subscription TV and I take offence at people scamming the system - I am offended by the fact that I am subsidising criminals whilst the company which most effected (Sky TV) is apparently unconcerned.

Subscription TV channels (such as BT TV, Virgin Media TV, Sky TV and Netflix) have overheads and often create their own content. My subscriptions pay toward that content and their overheads. I pay my way and I resent having to subsidize those who seek to save a few pounds at the cost of others and who are financing criminal operations.

CCcam systems are also known as card sharing services. These are illegal and the criminals who provide them often advertise them with descriptive codes such as monthly gifts or warranties. The CCcam (card sharing systems) work with specific types of satellite receiver. These boxes are specially designed to accept subscription TV de-encrypting systems which are regularly updated to keep pace with Sky, Virgin, BT and Netflix protection systems.

Following each update, the Sky, BT and Virgin TV channels are often "moved". This means that the owner of a pirate box will need to update the software and reprogram it with a new channel list. These channel lists etc are often advertised on eBay and Facebook (we regularly remove these advertisements on behalf of Virgin Media, BT and Sky) because their only use is to evade the latest protection.

The pirate boxes ("dodgy TV boxes") are equipped with a network socket (LAN socket - Ethernet socket) and - or a wireless network facility. They require the networking facility and a live internet connection because they connect via the internet to a CCcam server. This server shares a Sky, BT or Virgin TV subscription card and often a Netflix account amongst numerous subscribers. Basically; the system decodes (unscrambles) the encrypted channels. This allows the Pirate box owner to view virtually everything at a fraction of the cost of legitimate services. It is also a major reason why pirate TV boxes often freeze or the scrambling intermittently fails (because the viewer is accessing a shared signal).

The newer boxes are now also shipping with facilities which allow illegal access to online PPV (Pay Per View) and the new online Subscription TV services such as Netflix.

Naturally; both the supplier and viewer are committing a criminal offense. However; this particular crime continues to grow at an alarming rate because some subscription TV suppliers (eg; sky) have failed to take necessary action.

It is for this reason that we have decided to "go public" - something needed to be done.

Today, it could be argued that Sky have lost the battle for viewers, and that Sky are provably; at fault. indeed, it could also be argued that Sky have failed in their duty of care to their customers, their broadcast partners and subscription TV companies.

The pirates now offer Sky TV, BT TV and most subscription services in packages at prices which legitimate TV services cannot match.

These services are often supplied via USB based devices which plug into TVs, Laptops etc, or via apps which are simply downloaded onto devices.

Sky have almost lost the war. Many would say that rather than tackle the issue of lost revenue because of piracy; Sky simply increase the cost of services to honest customers.

Please note; we work closely with Google, eBay, Facebook and others. We report pirates - they take them down.

CCcam service - illegal subscription TV
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Working with eBay against illegal subscription TV

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Working with Facebook against illegal subscription TV

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