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Counterfeit - Fake Game of Thrones on USB

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The above is a Counterfeit GOT S6

We removed this from eBay in Aug 2016

The release date for GOT S6 is Nov 2016

The HBO makes some of the Earths best TV series. Counterfeit HBO DVDs and Fake HBO Blu-ray discs are widely available at UK car boot sales, UK markets, illegal websites and online auction sites.

In many cases, Bootleg and Counterfeit HBO DVD, Blu-ray and illegal download may contain viruses and or malware or spyware which can infect computer systems or attack DVD and Blu-ray players. Some could even attempt to access online accounts in an attempt to access bank account or credit card details online and transmit them to criminals.

It should also be understood that since counterfeit HBO DVDs and bootleg HBO Blu-ray discs are produced - copied and supplied by criminals and that proceeds from their sale finances criminal activities.

UK Anti Piracy was formed to fight fakes. We attack the criminals who prey on unsuspecting people. We work with responsible manufacturers, copyright license holders and the authorities to identify and report issues and to take action against offenders.

The production and sale of Bootleg HBO DVDs and Counterfeit HBO Blu-ray discs is not a victimless crime.

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