Fake, Replica, Counterfeit Now TV Boxes and File Sharing

About Fake Now TV and Illegal Viewing

Fighting Fake Now TV Boxes and illegal downloads

Now TV is a UK based subscription TV service which is owned by Sky TV.

Offering premium Sky TV channels via the internet (no need for an aerial or satellite dish), Now TV offers SKY Movies, SKY Sports and channels such as Sky Atlantic, and Fox TV (homes of Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead respectively).

Now TV can be accessed via a PC, Android device or a dedicated box.

Now TV boxes are currently being offered - supplied preconfigured to access virtually all subscription TV, with free PPV (pay per view) and virtually all box sets. This is obviously illegal. It should also be noted that once converted, these Now TV Boxes will no longer need a Now TV subscription (so Sky lose again).

Fighting Fake Now TV and illegal downloads

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Please note; it is illegal to view subscription TV without a valid subscription, yet some piracy facilitators (who are by definition; criminals) sell these systems as being legal.
Fighting Illegal Now TV and illegal downloads

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Please also note that the above statement also claims that they pay taxes and HMRC have deemed them to "be legal".

Let us be clear; for numerous reasons, this is absolutely not true. Again; we state that watching subscription TV without a subscription is illegal - period.

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