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BT TV is a subscription TV service which offers multiple TV channels including BT Sports and which has paid millions of pounds for the rights to show live Premier League Football, Champions League Football matches etc and series such as Breaking Bad, Fear the Walking Dead etc.

BT TV is a relatively new UK TV service, but at the time of writing (August 2015), BT TV is under attack from pirates who supply illegal access to BT TV channels.

As a subscription service, BT TV is an attractive target for counterfeiters. Thankfully; BT clearly takes the situation seriously and is committed to working with its partners to fight "dodgy BT TV boxes", illegal BT TV subscription services and piracy in general.

Modern TV counterfeiting began many years ago with the dawn of the modern PC. A few people used to use PCs to auto decode the encryption (protection) used by subscription TV companies. The necessary hardware and software was often purchased at local computer shows and some companies specialised in the trade of Pirate Sky TV decoding systems and Counterfeit Virgin Media TV Boxes - Decoding systems.

An "arms race" ensued which continues today. The subscription TV companies now regularly update the encryption of their channels. PCs alone are no longer capable of "cracking" the protection because BT TV Box encryption requires specific hardware to be present and the encryption is occasionally modified.

This has led to the release of dedicated Satellite Boxes, most of which are based on the Linux operating system. Some fake BT Boxes require special CAM cards and an internet connection. The system would typically connect to the internet so that the "dodgy box" can receive decoding data from a pirate CCcam - file sharing server.

The CCcam services were often advertised via spam mail. We tackled this issue via our report spam mail facility.

More recently; the BT TV pirates are using Facebook accounts.

The pirates also advertise on eBay. These adverts typically offer CCcam services (either with or without a "BT box"). UK Anti Piracy has removed numerous such sellers from eBay. Eg; at the time of writing - if you search eBay for CCcam, there are no results. This is because we have worked with eBay to remove all such listings.

UK Anti Piracy has also taken action against the BT TV pirates who advertise on Facebook.

Working with eBay to fight Counterfeit BT TV Boxes

Sample eBay report of BT TV  piracy

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Working with eBay against illegal BT TV

Counterfeit BT TV Boxes and CCcam BT TV services on eBay

Working with Facebook against fake BT TV Boxes

Working with Facebook against illegal BT TV

Additionally; since the suppliers of both the fake BT TV boxes and the file sharing services are criminals, it is not wise to provide them with contact details, credit card details, bank details etc. Again; when people deal with counterfeiters and subsequently experience blackmail, threats, credit card fraud, identity theft etc.

Reporting the crime can also be difficult.

The solution is simple; Report Fake BT TV Boxes to UK Anti Piracy.

Please note; we now also provide facilities to Report Illegal BT TV in UK Pubs and Report Bootleg BT TV in Clubs.

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