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Sky TV is a subscription TV service which offers multiple TV channels including dedicated movies, sports, news and documentary channels. Most adults in the UK will have experienced Sky TV.

As a subscription service, Sky TV is an attractive target for counterfeiters. The situation is not helped by Sky TVs apparent apathy to counterfeiting. We are now have been asking that Sky take a much more aggressive approach for sky are losing the war against counterfeiting.

We ask for as many reports as possible from the public, for it is our opinion that Sky does not appreciate the scale of the problem. Additionally; as a subscriber - I personally resent having to subsidise "criminals" (watching subscription TV without a legitimate license is a criminal offence) whilst the company which is being defrauded repeatedly fails to act.

For this reason, UK Anti Piracy has now changed our TV, phones and broadband services from Sky to BT.

Modern TV counterfeiting began many years ago with the dawn of the modern PC. A few people used to use PCs to auto decode the encryption (protection) used by Sky TV. The necessary hardware and software was often purchased at local computer shows and some companies specialised in the trade of Pirate Sky TV decoding systems and Counterfeit Virgin Media TV Boxes - Decoding systems.

An "arms race" ensued which continues today. Sky TV regularly update the encryption on their Sky TV boxes. PCs alone are no longer capable of "cracking" the protection because Sky TV Box encryption requires specific hardware to be present and the encryption is occasionally modified.

This has led to the release of dedicated Satellite Boxes, most of which are based on the Linux operating system. Some fake Sky Boxes are based on a German pay per view system and used special CAM cards in conjunction with genuine Sky TV viewing cards. The system would typically need to be connected to the internet so that the fake Sky TV box could receive decoding data from a pirate CCcam - file sharing server.

The CCcam services were often advertised via spam mail. We tackled this issue via our report spam mail facility.

More recently; the Sky TV pirates are selling via Facebook accounts, Gumtree, Amazon, Google, eBay and others. These listings typically offer CCcam services (either with or without a "Sky box") which is sold under code names such as a "gift", "guarantee" or "warranty". UK Anti Piracy has reported many pirates to Sky and (working with eBay, Facebook etc) has removed numerous such sellers from eBay, Facebook and others.

UK Anti Piracy recently supplied eBay with extensive information and proof regarding this issue. Working with eBay, UK Anti Piracy has recently removed over 100 sellers of "dodgy boxes" and illegal CCcam services from eBay. One such seller (who was certainly not the most prolific) admits to having supplied over 2000 CCcam accounts over an 8mth period. Given that each such account typically allows access to all SKY and BT TV channels (including box office events), the value of each account to Sky would be over 1200 per year. The seller admits to supplying 2000 accounts. It could be argued that SKY were effectively defrauded of approx 2,400,000 by this seller alone. However, since users also had free access to BT Sports, MUTV, Chelsea TV and pay per view events, the suppliers of these services were also defrauded alongside subscription TV such as Virgin Media and Netflix because people use CCcam rather than legitimate subscriptions.

It should also be noted that when a seller supplies a "dodgy Sky Box" or CCcam service, he then has a relationship with the buyer and so can continue to supply without needing to use eBay etc.

In June 2016, Sky increased the cost of it subscription. Since we are now at a point where virtually everyone in the UK will know someone with a "dodgy Sky service", it could be argued that Sky are raising prices to make up for loss of revenue due to piracy.

UK Anti piracy can prove that Sky fails to act against pirates. we reserve the right to act in the interests of genuine Sky customers.

Please Note; we now provide a Whitelist of legal Sky Services suppliers and a Blacklist of dodgy Sky Services suppliers.

Working with eBay to fight Counterfeit Sky TV Boxes

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Working with eBay against illegal Sky TV

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Working with Facebook against fake Sky TV Boxes

Working with Facebook against illegal Sky TV

ky TV Piracy "dodgy box options" are available from many manufacturers and these boxes also allow illegal access to "dodgy BT TV". These "fake Sky Boxes" need to be purchased and the CAM cards and CCcam service needs to paid for. Since regular updates are applied to the Sky TV encryption, the fake Skyboxes become obsolete and need to be replaced. However, the boxes are often sourced online.

This has led to a new market because the fake Sky TV boxes ("dodgy Sky TV boxes") and the CAM cards are now being counterfeited (yes, there really are fake "dodgy Sky boxes".

We have no wish to help counterfeiters, but purely in the interest of being "even handed"; fake "dodgy Sky boxes" are usually made in China (but are usually falsely labeled as being made elsewhere) and are commonly of inferior quality to the original "dodgy Sky boxes".

Additionally; many of these fake "dodgy Sky TV boxes" cannot accept the latest updates which are required after SKY, Virgin Media and BT apply new security updates. They therefore have a very short lifespan.

It is quite common for a fake "dodgy Sky TV box" to work for a month - possibly two and then fail. The issue for the customer is that when reporting to the seller; they are dealing with a crook and reporting to the police or Trading Standards could be problematic because for them to be receiving subscription TV without paying for it is a criminal offence.

There are numerous UK hotspots for Sky TV piracy (noticeably Cardiff, Swansea and Liverpool). Sky TV Piracy costs Sky TV millions of pounds every year, and in some areas, people using fake Sky TV boxes outnumber those using legitimate Sky TV boxes. Under the UK Copyright Act, people convicted of supplying equipment capable of receiving free Sky TV could face a 10 year prison sentence and an unlimited fine. It is also not unknown for people convicted of crimes to then be pursued by the broadcasters for the millions of pounds which is owed in compensation (as shown above).

Additionally; since the suppliers of both the fake Sky, BT and Virgin Media TV boxes and the file sharing services are criminals, it is not wise to provide them with personal contact details, credit card details, bank details etc. Again; when people deal with counterfeiters they may experience blackmail, threats, credit card fraud, identity theft etc.

Reporting the crime can also be difficult.

The solution is simple; Report Fake Sky TV Boxes to UK Anti Piracy.

Please note; we now also provide facilities to Report Illegal Sky TV in UK Pubs and Report Bootleg Sky TV in Clubs.

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