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About Fake TalkTalk TV and File Sharing

Fighting Fake TalkTalk Boxes and illegal TalkTalk TV downloads

TalkTalk TV is a relatively new innovative UK Subscription TV service. At the time of writing (July 2016) TalkTalk TV supplies access to Freeview TV and also offers TV Box Sets, Movie Rental and access via subscription to Sky Movies and Sky Sports.

TalkTalk TV is under attack from criminals who offer the same services via multiple CCcam or TV Streaming services.

Therefore; TalkTalk TV is not currently being directly couterfeited, but they are obviously suffering serious loss of income due to piracy.

UK Anti Piracy is identifying and acting against the TV pirates.

Working with eBay to fight Counterfeit TalkTalk TV Boxes
Working with eBay against illegal TalkTalk TV

Working with Facebook against fake TalkTalk TV Boxes

Working with Facebook against illegal TalkTalk TValkTalk TV

Additionally; since the suppliers of illegal TalkTalk TV Systems and services are criminals, it is not wise to provide them with contact details, credit card details, bank details etc. When people deal with counterfeiters and subsequently experience blackmail, threats, credit card fraud, identity theft etc.

Reporting the crime can also be difficult.

The solution is simple; Report Fake TalkTalk TV Boxes and Services to UK Anti Piracy.

Please note; we now also provide facilities to Report Illegal TV in UK Pubs and Report Bootleg TV in Clubs.

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