Whitelist of Genuine UK TV - Movie Memorabilia Sellers

Genuine TV - Movie Memorabilia Sellers


Genuine Movie and TV Memorabia Suppliers

We estimated that over 80% of autographs sold online are fake
UK Anti Piracy is pleased to work with suppliers of genuine UK TV and Movie memorabilia, genuine autographs etc and to fight against the trade in counterfeit autographs and fake memorabilia.

Sellers listed on this page have all been confirmed as selling only genuine autographs - legitimate memorabilia, autographs etc.

Inclusion on this page is strictly by invitation only.

Please note; the supply of counterfeits will not be accepted. Whitelist members are recognised by UK Anti Piracy as being experts in identifying fake TV and Movie memorabilia (autographs, TV and Movie props, posters, scripts etc) and are therefore invited to submit reports - work with us to eradicate the supply of counterfeit Movie and TV memorabilia.

Verified - Legitimate TV and Movie Memorabilia

UK Sellers

Recommended Frasers Autographs - Genuine Autographs

Frasers Autographs - Genuine Autographs

Frasers Autographs - Genuine Autographs

Fraser's Autographs
Bloomsbury House
24 Maddox Street  

Call +44 (0) 20 7495 9494


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