UK  TV Piracy and illegal TV downloads

TV Piracy and Illegal TV Streaming

Fighting TV Piracy and illegal downloads

About TV Piracy

UK TV Piracy is massively out of control.

UK Anti Piracy works with TV companies and unwitting piracy facilitators (such as eBay) to discover and remove counterfeit TV systems - TV piracy.

We know that the pirates use and offer systems using Kodi and XBMC to stream subscription TV or CCcam to decode subscription TV.

UK Anti piracy works with eBay and others to remove listings for Kodi, XBMC and CCcam. However; to date the main issue has been apathy from Sky TV. However, we will continue to report - take action against the counterfeiters.

With an illegal CCcam service, a user purchases a dodgy TV Box, installs specialist software and then subscribes to illegal card sharing systems. this service is often advertised as a "gift" or as an additional warranty.

Kodi and XBMC systems are used to directly stream live TV or subscription video directly from a dodgy website.

There are many issues with Kodi, XBMC and CCcam pirate UK TV systems. Buyers are dealing with "crooks" and are therefore providing criminals with personal contact details, banking information etc. Also; these systems can be used to deliver viruses and - or malware to the buyers systems. This can be used for many illegal purposes (such as accessing a buyers camera and Microphone to record private moments or data).  

From August 2016, we expect to also be able to report counterfeiters directly to the UK Customs and Excise (we are currently negotiating). This will obviously have a massive impact on the profitability of this illegal trade and should make potential pirate "think twice".

Meanwhile, UK Anti Piracy has launched Legal TV Boxes and Services Whitelists and Illegal TV Boxes and Services Blacklists.

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