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UK Anti Piracy is pleased to recommend sellers of genuine TV products.

We actively search for fakes, we receive reports of fakes and we remove Fake UK TV Goods and Services. As part of our fight against the counterfeiters, we maintain a Counterfeit TV Suppliers Blacklists and this UK TV Products and Suppliers Whitelist.

When searching for "rogue sellers", we also identify sellers who supply only genuine TV products and services. UK Anti Piracy invites legitimate sports shops, legitimate online TV service providers - sellers and legitimate TV equipment sellers to be be included in our UK TV Whitelist.

The UK Anti Piracy UK TV whitelist is a free to use public service aimed at supporting legitimate shops and legitimate online vendors. UK TV Whitelist members pay a nominal annual service charge.

Our UK TV Whitelist members recognise that fakes cost them business and money. We empower UK TV Whitelist members to report fakes to us. We will investigate and take action where appropriate.

But above all; being listed in our UK TV Whitelist is an endorsement, it is a vote of confidence and shows that the seller can be trusted and they are entitled to state that we have confirmed that they sell genuine goods. Being listed by UK Anti Piracy also increases the sellers ranking within Google and other search engines (because they also "see" the link as being a vote of confidence - endorsement).