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About Replica Games Workshop Figures


Counterfeit Games Workshop Models are currently being supplied on "dodgy" websites and online auction sites. The supply of replica Games Workshop Models (counterfeit Games Workshop Models ) is a global problem which is growing daily.

Cheap Counterfeit and Fake Games Workshop models are being produced in the Far East and are shipped worldwide. This is having a serious effect on Games Workshop business, seriously reducing the number of genuine Games Workshop models being sold.

Put simply; copying or supplying counterfeit Games Workshop Models (replica Games Workshop Models - bootleg Games Workshop Models) is illegal and damages the industry. Please also note that as collectables; fake Game Workshop models have virtually no value.

Additionally; many counterfeit Games Workshop Models are not fit for sale in the UK.

It should also be understood that counterfeit Toys are manufactured and supplied by criminals. Potential customers should be careful not to supply them with private information (such as home addresses, credit card details, banking information etc).
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