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About Fake Hasbro Models and Toys

Fighting Bootleg - Counterfeit Hasbros Models

About Counterfeit Hasbro Toys

Counterfeit Hasbro Figures, Models and Fake Hasbro Toys are currently being supplied on UK Car Boot Sales, UK Markets, "Dodgy" shops, "Dodgy" websites and online auction sites. The supply of replica Hasbro Toys (counterfeit Hasbro toys and fake Hasbro toys) is a massive global problem which is growing daily.

Put simply; supplying counterfeit Hasbro Toys (replica Hasbro figures - bootleg Hasbro figures) is illegal and damages the game industry.

Additionally; many counterfeit Hasbro toys are not fit for sale in the UK. Many contain dangerous substances, poisonous coatings and coverings -clothes, many are extremely flammable and or may have detachable parts which can (and do) injure, cut or choke young children.

It should also be understood that counterfeit Hasbro Toys are produced - copied by criminals. Potential customers should be careful not to supply them with private information (such as home addresses, credit card details, banking information etc).

About Fake Beyblades

Fighting Bootleg - Counterfeit Hasbro Beyblades

Fake Beyblades - Counterfeit Beyblades

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The above fake Beybades are made by Rapidity Toys. Hongyi - Rapidity is one of many companies (often based in China) which makes fakes Beyblade toys. Hongyi - Rapidity fake Beyblades are poorly constructed from low quality materials - components and have been known to contain toxic coatings such as lead based paint.

About Counterfeit My Little Pony

Fighting Bootleg - Counterfeit Hasbro Beyblades

Fake My Little Pony - Counterfeit My Little Pony

There are many fake versions of My Little Pony (eg; fake My Little Pony made by Remco and Buddy-L).

Genuine My Little Pony are made by Hasbro. Fake My Little Pony are often made in China and often do not have the word Hasbro on the packaging, the hoof or elsewhere; it is a fake. This is because Hasbro are the license holders - only Hasbro can legally manufacture My Little Pony.

However; please note that having the word Hasbro on the packaging and on the pony, does not guarantee that it is genuine.

My Little Pony should only ever be purchased from reputable, authorised toy shops.

Counterfeit Hasbro Figures, Models and Fake Hasbro Toys currently supplied include;

Fake Replica - Fake Hasbro Beyblades
 Replica - Counterfeit - Fake Cabbage Patch Kids
 Fake - Counterfeit - Replica My Little Pony Toys
Counterfeit - Replica - Fake Transformer Toys
Please Note; Hasbro works with and pays license fees to legitimate TV and movie franchises. Hasbro figures, models and action toys are manufactured to extremely high standards and meet national - international quality and safety standards.

None of the above is true of fake Hasbro Toys or unlicensed versions of legitimate toys related to TV and movie franchises;

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