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About Counterfeit Mindware Board Games

Counterfeit Mindware Board Games are currently being supplied on UK Car Boot Sales, UK Markets, "Dodgy" shops, "Dodgy" websites and online auction sites. The supply of replica Mindware Board Games is a massive global problem which is growing daily.

Put simply; copying or supplying counterfeit Mindware Board Games (such as fake Qwirkle - counterfeit Qwirkle board games) is illegal and causes serious damage to the games industry.

Additionally; many counterfeit Mindware Games and fake Mindware Board Games are not fit for sale in the UK. Many contain dangerous substances and - or have poisonous coatings.

It should also be understood that counterfeit Mindware Games and Board Games are manufactured and supplied by criminals. Potential customers should be careful not to supply them with private information (such as home addresses, credit card details, banking information etc).

Fighting Fake Monopoly - Counterfeit Monopoly

Fighting Fake Qwerkle - Counterfeit Qwerkle

About Counterfeit Qwirkle - Fake Qwirkle

Fake Qwirkle games seen to date have an elephant logo on the box.
Counterfeit Qwerkle packaging does not mention trademarks.
Replica Qwerkle pieces are made from cheap plastic.

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