Piracy, Fakes and Counterfeits are Killing UK Shops

Fakes and UK Shops

Fakes kill UK Shops - Fakes Kill the UK High Street

Fakes are making a significant contribution to the decline of UK High Streets and the closure of UK Shops.

The percentage of people shopping online is growing each year. Unfortunately, this has driven a significant increase in the supply of fakes and counterfeits and this increase in supply has contributed to the closure of many UK shops - UK businesses and is making a serious contribution to the decline of UK Shopping Centres, the UK high street (and high streets - shopping malls worldwide).

Since counterfeit goods are made from inferior materials to genuine goods, since the manufacturers of counterfeit goods do not comply with legislation and legal requirements that legitimate manufacturers have to comply with, since the manufacturers of counterfeit goods usually do not pay taxes, because the sellers of counterfeit goods can purchase fakes at a much lower price than genuine goods, since sellers of fake goods do not use pay business rates and do not pay taxes; the owners of legitimate businesses are at a genuine and severe disadvantage.

UK Anti Piracy is not opposed to online trading, online shopping or to legitimate competition.

UK Anti Piracy is vehemently opposed to legitimate business having to unfairly compete with illegal fakes and counterfeit goods. Unfortunately, the problem of fakes is getting worse and this can have serious long term repercussions for virtually everyone in the UK.


Join the Fight against Fakes


We know that the supply and purchase of counterfeits and fakes is contributing to the decline of the High Street.

UK Anti Piracy need the public and businesses to tell us about fakes, tell us about people selling fakes.

The UK Government needs to help and support UK business by escalating its fight against fakes.

The UK High Street and UK Shopping Centres need help, they need UK Anti Piracy.



Fakes are closing UK Shops and killing the UK High Street


Fakes Are Driving Stores Out Of Business Worldwide



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