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About Counterfeit Medicines

Fake medicine - Counterfeit medicine is now widely available via the internet, but it is also now being discovered in UK Pharmacies - UK Chemists.

Fake medicine often contains incorrect ingredients and is often produced in unsanitary, unclean or dirty environments. This means that fake medicine is often contaminated (eg; ingredients are often mixed by using a commercial dement mixer) and much fake medicine contains no active ingredients (counterfeit medicine - often does not work) and some contain poisons. Indeed much fake medicine is actually dangerous and can adversely effect health and even cause death. Apart from the cocktail of suspect chemical used in fake medicine, the coatings and colouring can also be lethal. Fake tablets have been known to be coloured and coating using printer ink, oil based paint, brick dust (eg fake Viagra is often coloured by using printer ink).

Online "chemists" and online "pharmacies" are the most common source of fake medicines because they avoid safeguards and checks which genuine chemists and pharmacies adhere to.

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