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When you are sold a counterfeit Kawasaki product, the seller is defrauding you - you are a victim, Kawasaki is a victim, and legitimate resellers (legitimate Kawasaki reseller , dealers - agents) are victims.

Sellers of fake Kawasaki products are parasites. Kawasaki motorcycles has spend time, money and resources developing Kawasaki products and building the Kawasaki good name. Those who sell fake Kawasaki products are trading on (and often damaging) the good name of Kawasaki motorcycles and the good will of Kawasaki motorcycle enthusiasts. Those who sell Kawasaki counterfeits are parasites.

This is why we work with end users, Brands and resellers of genuine Kawasaki products - we fight fakes - we remove Kawasaki fakes - we take down counterfeit Kawasaki products.

Please tell us if you have been sold a fake Kawasaki product.