Counterfeit Audio Equipment and UK Music Piracy

About Fakes - Counterfeit Audio Equipment

Fighting Replica Audio Equipment in the UK and Worldwide

The sale of Counterfeit Audio Equipment - Hi-Fi Equipment, Replica Speakers and Replica Headphones - Replica Earphones (Fake Headphones and Fake Earphones) represents a massive problem worldwide.

Counterfeit - Replica Audio equipment - Musical equipment is produced and supplied by criminals. Counterfeit Hi-Fi`s, Replica Headphones, Replica Earphones and Counterfeit Speakers have always been found to be made out of lower grade (inferior) materials than genuine items, fakes do not perform to the same high standard as genuine goods, fakes are not as reliable as genuine goods and some fakes pose a genuine and serious risk to health or may even be life threatening.

UK Anti Piracy was formed to fight against the criminals who pray on unsuspecting people. We work with responsible manufacturers, copyright license holders and authorities worldwide to identify fakes, report fakes and to take action against counterfeiters.