Counterfeit Warner Music and Illegal Warner Music Downloads

Counterfeit Warner Music CDs and Downloads

Counterfeit Warner Music CDs and illegal downloads

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Counterfeit Prince Music CDs

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Counterfeit and fake Warner Music CDs are available from numerous illegal sources, online auction sites and via illegal download.

Illegal copies of Warner albums and Warner music in general (Music CDs, DVDs and illegal Warner music downloads) are massive issues for Warner Music.

UK Anti Piracy invite reports about the manufacturers and suppliers of Counterfeit Warner Music CDs, Bootleg Warner Music DVDs and illegal Warner digital downloads. Simply send us an email with as much information as possible (your identity will not be revealed).

Please also note that counterfeit Warner music is produced - copied by criminals and that some counterfeit Warner music CDs have been found to contain viruses and - or malicious software.

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