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Music Piracy is a crime that many people in the UK accept as "everyday life".

However; major criminal organisations have been using Music Piracy as an extra revenue stream. Counterfeit Music CDs and illegal music downloads are massive issues for the music industry worldwide, whilst the supply of replica headphones, earphones and audio systems affects the electronics industry and UK retail sector.

UK Anti Piracy is rightly concerned about the manufacturers and suppliers of Counterfeit Music CDs, Bootleg Music DVDs and illegal digital downloads. Revenue raised from these ventures often funds or supports additional UK criminal activity.

Put simply; copying, supplying or buying counterfeit music is illegal and it damages both society and the music industry.

It should also be understood that counterfeit music is produced - copied by criminals and that some counterfeit music CDs have been found to contain viruses and - or malicious software.

UK Anti Piracy was formed to fight the criminals who pray on unsuspecting people. We work with responsible manufacturers, copyright license holders and the authorities to identify and report issues and to take action against offenders.

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