How to Report Counterfeits - Fakes in Newsagents

Report Fakes and Counterfeits in Newsagents

Report Newsagents Suppliers of Counterfeit and Fake Goods

How to Report Sellers of Counterfeits in Newsagents
How to Report Suppliers of Counterfeits in Newsagents
How to Report Sellers of Fakes in Newsagents
How to Report Suppliers of Fakes in Newsagents

Report Counterfeits and Fakes in Newsagents

Counterfeits and fake goods are being sold in some Newsagents. Most people appreciate that it can be difficult to report fakes bought in Newsagents or report counterfeits bought in Newsagents.

When someone sells a fake at a Newsagents or attempts to sell you counterfeit goods in Newsagents; you are a victim of fraud or attempted fraud - you have either been defrauded or someone tried to defraud you.

Please tell us about fakes being sold in UK Newsagents. We will investigate and report to the license owner (the copyright owners) and to other relevant parties (whilst protecting your identity).

When we also file reports of fakes being sold in Newsagents, we liaise with all interested parties, we take action if Newsagents fail to act and we help victims of counterfeits bought on Newsagents obtain a refund.

Please also note; Fake Batteries - Counterfeit Batteries and Battery Chargers, Fake Cigarettes and Tobacco and Counterfeit Alcohol, Bootleg Booze.

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Report Newsagent Counterfeits - Fakes in Newsagents

Please report fakes and counterfeits sold in Newsagents.

After all; pirates are trying to defraud you; why should pirates "get away with it"?

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