How to Report Counterfeits - Fakes in Pubs

Report Bootleg BT and SKY TV in Pubs

Report Illegal Sky TV in UK Pubs

(Note; VM = Virgin Media)

Report Illegal BT TV, VM or SKY TV in UK Pubs
Report Bootleg BT TV, VM or SKY TV in UK Pubs
Report Illegal BT TV, VM or SKY TV Boxes in UK Pubs
Report Bootleg BT TV, VM or SKY TV Boxes in UK Pubs

Reporting Counterfeit BT and Sky Boxes in Pubs

Reporting Personal (Home Use) BT and Sky Boxes in Pubs

There are two main ways in which pubs show Bootleg BT or Sky TV. Either the landlord uses a Fake BT or Sky TV Box to receive the programs which are then decoded in one of a number of ways, or they simply use a legitimate BT or Sky TV box from another location (eg; brought from home) which has a legitimate subscription for home use (but does not have a license for commercial use).

Identify Illegal BT or Sky TV - Method 1; If a standard satellite receiver (not a Sky TV Box, Virgin or BT) is showing premium Sky TV channels (such as Sky Sports) then it is probably illegal.

Identify Illegal Sky TV - Method 2; Legitimate Sky TV broadcasts to licenced pubs will show a beer glass on the TV screen. If the beer glass is missing; the broadcast is probably illegal.

We all know that some UK pubs provide Bootleg BT and Sky TV - Illegal BT and Sky TV through Fake BT, Virgin and Sky TV Boxes. Please note that Fake Virgin TV boxes, Fake BT TV Boxes and Counterfeit Sky TV Boxes are currently in use.

Most people appreciate that it can be difficult to report Bootleg BT TV, Virgin Media TV or Sky TV.

When people report to us, we always protect the identity of the person reporting. We file reports and report to and work with the correct departments
We also file reports of fakes being sold on eBay, Facebook etc, we report fakes to all parties, we liaise with all interested parties, we take action if facilitators fail to act and we help victims of counterfeits obtain a refund.

Please report Dodgy BT Boxes, VM Boxes and Sky TV Boxes being used in pubs and Personal Sky Boxes being used in pubs.

After all; if you pay for legitimate BT TV, Virgin Media or SKY TV, why should others "get away with it"?

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