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UK Anti Piracy has been successfully fighting spam mail for a number of years. We work with - report to the major email facilitators such as Google, GMail, Outlook and Hotmail. Basically; we use multiple addresses to receive mail. When we receive spam mail, we do not contact the sender, but rather forward it to the facilitator (Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail etc) complete with a breakdown of the source code etc. This allows the facilitator to immediately delete the Spam mail account. Therefore; a spammer may send thousands of emails, but they will not receive any replies. We have found that they simply "give up".

If we receive spam mail from a legitimate private company, we reply with something similar to;

"You are attacking us with illegal spam mail"


"Remove our details from your database and never contact us again"


If they attack us again, we reply with the above but also add the following;

"If you attack us again (on any address) we will (without further warning) lodge an official complaint about you with the ICO"

This usually has the desired affect. If not; we lodge a complaint with the UK Information Commissioners Office (ICO).

If the spammers are not UK based; we reply with the 1st example (above). If we receive more spam, we trace the sender and lodge an official complaint with their internet services provider - email provider (and on occasion the law enforcement organisations for the country).

If we receive spam mail advertising fake goods, we do not reply, but rather work with our partners to attack the counterfeiters.

Over this period, we have seen a dramatic reduction in the amount of Spam mail being sent. As an example; please consider how much spam mail you personally received 2 years ago compared to today. The probability is that you now receive much less spam. Is this a coincidence? We think not.

We define a dodgy email as spam mail which advertises or promotes a website or facility which promotes, offers or sells fake - counterfeit goods.

The sending of spam and dodgy emails is a well established phenomenon. Dodgy Emails are typically spam mail which point the intended victim toward an illegal website.

Dodgy email type one will offer to sell fake goods (typically fake watches, counterfeit bags, replica belts, purses, designer clothing etc), but when the customer pays for the goods, the website closes shortly afterwards and the goods are never received.

With Dodgy email type two, the customer pays for and receives fake - counterfeit goods.

However, in both scenarios; the criminals who run the websites will have access to the customers personal and bank details. This opens the customer to multiple levels of fraud ranging from blackmail, extortion to credit card fraud, identity theft and kidnapping.

Please be aware that many of these sites are run by the Russian Mafia, the Italian Mafia, the Chinese Triads and terrorist groups as a form of "fund raising".

Please do not be tempted - duped into dealing with the senders of Dodgy emails - send the email to us. We will investigate and take action against the people who are trying to defraud you - this is a free service.


Free help - support with reporting fakes - counterfeit goods


All reports of Spam mail are treated as confidential and spam mail is investigated.

We obtain evidence, we build a case, we attack the spammers (at no cost).


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