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Report Counterfeits, Report Knockoffs and Fakes



When you buy fakes, you give your contact and banking details to criminals!




How to Report Fakes

To report fakes, report counterfeits, report "replicas", simply send us an email to us by clicking on the link under "Report UK Piracy" (below).

We review all emails - Piracy Reports, we always investigate and we always take appropriate action.

If we find that the reported supplier is dealing in fakes - counterfeit goods, we identify the license holders (eg; Microsoft) and the sales agent (eg; eBay) and we provide reports to affected parties so that action can be taken against the counterfeiters.

We never supply contact details of people who provide reports without explicit permission to do so.

ie; we treat your contact details as confidential.

If you have purchased fake goods, we will help you to try and obtain a refund.

Report dodgy emails - Report spam email


Free help and support with reporting fake ands knockoff goods


All reports to UK Anti Piracy are treated as confidential and are investigated.

We obtain evidence, we build a case, we identify the license holders and provide them with the evidence.

We help victims of fake goods to obtain a refund



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Report Counterfeits, Report Fakes

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Report Fakes, Report Counterfeits

Report Fakes, Counterfeits and Knockoffs - Report UK Piracy 

How to Report Fakes Sold Online


Report Fakes Being Sold Online


How to Report Fakes Sold at UK Markets

Report Fakes Sold at UK Markets and Car Boot Sales


How to Report Pubs Showing TV Illegally

Report UK Pubs and Clubs Showing Pirate TV


How to Report Fakes Sold in Shops

Report UK Shops which Sell Counterfeits and Fakes


How to Report Fakes at Work

Report Employers who Supply or Use Counterfeit Goods


How to Report Fake Car Parts
Report Fake Car Parts and Report Counterfeit Car Parts

How to Report Fake Van Parts

Report Fake Van Parts - Counterfeit Van Parts


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