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Authenticate Nuance Software

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Test - Confirm - Verify Fake Nuance Software

Confirm - Verify - Test Genuine Nuance Software

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Confirm - Test - Verify Counterfeit Nuance Software

Authenticate Nuance Software

Nuance Paypal Verification Reports

Do you suspect that you have bought Counterfeit Nuance software?

UK Anti Piracy provides a free authentication service and free assistance with obtaining a refund.

If you have a receipt, if the supplier is still trading, if you suspect that the software is fake and if you want a refund; please contact us. We will probably ask that you send us the suspected counterfeit Nuance software (in the original packaging), or send it directly to Nuance.

If sent to us, we will test and verify - confirm that the Nuance software is either genuine or counterfeit. If we consider the software to be counterfeit, we will provide you with a written report and free support with your claim for a refund (Paypal often require a written report - email reports are not acceptable). The software will be retained by us (or supplied to Nuance) to be used as evidence (we obviously cannot supply - return illegal goods).

If the software is genuine, we simply ask that you cover the cost of return.

Authenticating Nuance Software

Do you suspect that Nuance Software may be Counterfeit?
 Nuance Software Verification

Please Note;
UK Anti Piracy reserves the right to refuse to provide the Nuance Software Authentication Service

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