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About Fake McAfee Software

Fighting Fake McAfee Software

About McAfee Software Piracy

Piracy of McAfee software and McAfee copyright material such as Counterfeit McAfee CDs, DVDs and downloads on internet auction sites and dedicated websites selling counterfeit software is rife.

Copies of McAfee software (counterfeit McAfee Software) can contain viruses, malware and - or computer hijacking software.

McAfee and UK Anti Piracy are rightly concerned about this practice. UK Anti Piracy monitors and takes action against individuals and companies who supply Bootleg copies of McAfee Software.

UK Anti Piracy accepts reports of Counterfeit McAfee Software from the public (we keep identities strictly confidential).

Lately however, a new scam has "surfaced".

Pirates are using programs know as keycode generators to create license codes for McAfee Anti Virus software.

These codes will work with legitimate versions of McAfee software but they are completely illegal. This software is currently available via sites such as eBay and the seller typically offers a code only service.

Please also note that McAfee are perfectly entitled to deactivate software (without warning) which does not have a legitimate McAfee license.

Beware of Fake McAfee Software

About Counterfeit McAfee Anti Virus

Please note that the suppliers of Fake McAfee Software are Criminals
It is probably not a good idea to provide them with your Address, Bank Details etc

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