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Reporting Counterfeit Nero Software

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How to Report Fake Nero Software
How to Report Counterfeit Nero Software
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Report Fake Nero - Report Counterfeit Nero Software

We want and need you to tell us about counterfeit Nero Software. For this reason; our reporting facility is free and simple to use.

Simply tell us about fake Nero software via email. We prefer as much information as possible, but just providing a link is often sufficient. We will investigate and take appropriate action. Typically, this means that we tell Nero about fake Nero Software and we will tell other affected parties.

Our investigation into a report of fake Nero Software will often lead us to more counterfeit goods.

eg; We are full Microsoft Partners and registered - official Microsoft suppliers (we are official suppliers to Microsoft of professional Anti Piracy Service). A major part of this service is to Report Fake Microsoft Software. Our investigation into a report of fake Nero Software will often lead us to more counterfeit goods such as Counterfeit Microsoft Software.

Our approach also means that affected parties know what action others are taking. This allows them to work together, to design a common policy (against a pirate) and it avoids their unintentional interference with each others ongoing investigations.

We also work with and report to law enforcement agencies and can report fake Nero Software to Trading Standards or other departments which we know to be interested. When reporting to Trading Standards, we also notify them of ongoing investigations by interested parties.

Reporting counterfeit Nero software to us can be highly beneficial to everyone. We are effectively a free public resource and Trading Standards are often unable to give "serious" help to members of the public (due to limited or restricted resources).

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