Fake Sports Fashion, Counterfeit sports clothes sellers Blacklist

Fake Sports Kit Sellers Blacklist

Blacklist of Fake sports suppliers, Fake Sports Clothing

Blacklist - Fake Sports Sellers

(Avoid these sellers)

UK Anti Piracy regularly removes fake sports products from sale.

We consider counterfeiters to be parasites and we warn the UK public about fakes, we maintain UK Sports fakes blacklists and UK sports whitelists. UK Anti Piracy Sport Blacklists name and shame sellers of fake sports clothing and fake sports equipment.

Our UK Sports fakes blacklists and records are available for Brands, law enforcement, trading standards and tax authorities to view (the parasites are very unlikely to have paid tax on the sale of counterfeit sports goods). This guarantees that interested parties know about the problem and they know about those sellers listed in our UK Sports fakes blacklists.

This is a free to use public service intended to help and protect the UK public, legitimate manufacturers and honest retailers and online sellers by exposing counterfeits and sellers of counterfeit goods.

Potential buyers, license holders, the media, banks, law enforcement and others can browse our fake sport blacklists at no charge.  PayPal and credit card companies can use our services as a resource to assist with assessing a customers refund claim against a seller of counterfeit goods.

Obviously, if someone wishes to report parasites to trading standards, the police, VAT fraud investigation, Inland Revenue fraud investigation etc, they can also refer them to our pages.

Eg; if a seller of fake sports goods is listed in our blacklist, this can add significant weight to any fake goods related claims against that company.

Blacklist of Fake sports goods suppliers, Counterfeit sellers

Blacklist - Fake Adidas
Fake Adidas Sellers Blacklist

Blacklist - Counterfeit Kappa
Fake Kappa Sellers Blacklist

Blacklist - Fake New Balance
Fake New Balance Sellers Blacklist

Blacklist - Counterfeit Nike
Fake Nike Sellers Blacklist

Blacklist - Counterfeit Puma
Fake Puma Sellers Blacklist

Blacklist - Counterfeit Reebok
Fake Reebok Sellers Blacklist

Blacklist - Counterfeit Umbro
Fake Umbro Sellers Blacklist

Fake national team shirts and fake national team kit blacklist

Blacklist - England Football Fakes
England Football Fakes Blacklist

Fake Soccer Club Shirts and Fake Football Kit blacklist

Blacklist - Arsenal Fakes
Arsenal Football Fakes Blacklist

Blacklist - Aston Villa Fakes

Aston Villa Football Fakes Blacklist

Blacklist - Celtic FC Fakes
Celtic Football Fakes Blacklist

Blacklist - Chelsea FC Fakes

Chelsea Football Fakes Blacklist

Blacklist - Everton FC Fakes

Everton Football Fakes Blacklist

Blacklist - Liverpool FC Fakes

Liverpool FC Fakes Blacklist

Blacklist - Manchester City Fakes
Manchester City FC Fakes Blacklist

Blacklist - Manchester Utd Fakes
Manchester United FC Fakes Blacklist

Blacklist - Newcastle Utd Fakes
Newcastle United FC Fakes Blacklist

Blacklist - Tottenham Fakes

Tottenham - Spurs Fakes Blacklist

Fake Golf Clubs sellers blacklist - fake golf sellers blacklist

Blacklist - Bridgestone Golf Fakes
Bridgestone Golf Fakes Blacklist

Blacklist - Callaway Golf Fakes
Callaway Golf Fakes Blacklist

Blacklist - Taylor Made Golf Fakes
Taylor Made Golf Fakes Blacklist

Fake Tennis Rackets blacklist - Counterfeit Tennis blacklist

Blacklist - Slazenger Tennis Fakes

Slazenger Tennis Fakes Blacklist

Blacklist - Wilson Tennis Fakes
Wilson Tennis Fakes Blacklist

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