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Genuine Aston Villa Football team shirts are not cheap. However they are always supplied by Premium brands, the quality is excellent and a percentage of the profit goes to the club. None of this can be said of Fake Aston Villa Football shirts.

Piracy of Aston Villa FC copyright material on internet auction sites is widespread.

These items currently include many Fake Aston Villa FC related products such as Counterfeit (copies of) Aston Villa FC Shirts, Fake Aston Villa Player Autographs etc.

UK Anti Piracy seeks to work with Aston Villa Football Club against Counterfeiters and Counterfeit Aston Villa Goods. We will search for and identify Counterfeit Aston Villa Football Shirts etc and take action against the seller. If necessary, we will escalate matters and involve - work with Trading Standards and - or the Police with a view to protecting the rights of Aston Villa Football Club.

These actions are taken with minimum involvement of Aston Villa FC.

Counterfeit Aston Villa Football Shirt

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Also; there is currently a serious issue with Counterfeit Autographed Aston Villa FC material being supplied online. Such items include Fake Autographed Aston Villa Shirts, Fake Autographed Aston Villa Programs, Fake Autographed Aston Villa Match Tickets, Counterfeit Autographed Aston Villa player photographs and much more.

UK Anti Piracy will work with Aston Villa FC and genuine suppliers to minimise the number of Fake Aston Villa FC Player autographs which are available.