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We have all seen fake Nike Sports Goods, counterfeit designer labels clothes and accessories.

Premier brands are often subjected to counterfeiting. Often sold as "replica Nike"; fake Nike Sports Clothing, fake Nike bags, fake Nike sun glasses, fake Nike watches and other fake Nike accessories can be found on UK markets, car boot sales, online auction sites and dedicated sales websites.

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How to spot a Fake Nike Shirt

It should be understood that fake Nike Sports clothing and Fake Nike Sports equipment is constantly evolving.

However; at the time of writing; Nike sports club badges (such as the FCB badge on the above shirt breast) are sewn onto a material backing fabric on genuine shirts; many Fake Nike Shirts do not have this backing.

Washing instructions labels in Genuine Nike Shirts tend to be a shiny (silk like) cotton whilst in a Fake Nike Shirt, the instructions tend to be on plain cotton.


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